The Pope and the madness of Muslim crowds

The pope, an erstwhile German professor of theology, has delivered an academic lecture at his former home university, the University of Regensburg. The lecture is on the web but it does no make for easy reading. Nevertheless, the lecture has infuriated many Muslims, most of whom are unlikely to have read - much less understood - a single word of the lecture.

What has happend in many countries of the Muslim world is more likely to be a sort of faschist ritual: Send a crowd into the streets, threaten an enemy, burn his or her effigies, flags and other symbols, and hope that real violence happens later. It is unfortunate that some Muslims employ this tactic for kindling real violence with madening regularity.

Was the Pope, Prof. Dr. Ratzinger, wrong in choosing words that gave Muslim faschists a pretext for violence? Most likely not. Sometimes it is better to know where the enemies are than to pretend that they do not exist. The anti-Pope demonstrations make clear who and where the enemies of Christianity and the values of enlightenment are.

Spiegel online has a good commentary on the recent events.



At 01:09, Blogger Grangy27 said...

You hit the nail on the head when you said Muslims didn't understand what the Pope said. They go beserk at the drop of a hat. This demonstrates the incompatability of Islam and the western world. The violence which accompanies Muslim responses to criticism just proves that Islam is a violent religion which despises free speech.


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